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Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers Series

Rachel Vincent is an urban fantasy author best-known for her Shifters series, however since I haven't read them just yet (and believe me, they're on my to-be-read-soon list), I'm going to blog about her other young adult series, the Soul Screamers.

My Soul to Lose

An eBook novella exclusive prequel to Rachel Vincent's SOUL SCREAMERS series.

It was supposed to be a fun day, shopping at the mall with her best friend. Then the panic attack started and Kaylee Cavanaugh finds herself screaming, unable to stop. Her secret fears are exposed and it's the worst day of her life.Until she wakes up in the psychiatric unit.She tries to convince everyone she's fine--despite the shadows she sees forming around another patient and the urge to scream which comes burbling up again and again. Everyone thinks she's crazy. Everyone except Lydia, that is. Another patient with some special abilities....

This prequel definately grabbed my attention, but you don't have to read it in order to understand the first 3 books.
My Soul to Take is the first book in this mind-blowing series.


She doesn't see dead people, but...
She senses when someone near her is about to die. And when that happens, a force beyond her control compels her to scream bloody murder. Literally.
Kaylee just wants to enjoy having caught the attention of the hottest guy in school. But a normal date is hard to come by when Nash seems to know more about the need to scream than she does. And when classmates start dropping dead for no apparent reason, only Kaylee knows who'll be next...

My Soul to Save is the second installment in the Soul Screamers series.

“If she were going to die, I’d already be screaming. I’m a banshee. That’s what we do.”

The last thing Kaylee needs right now is to be skipping school, breaking her dad’s ironclad curfew and putting her boyfriend’s loyalty to the test. But starry-eyed teens are trading their souls for a flickering lifetime of fame and fortune in exchange for eternity in the Netherworld—a consequence they can’t possibly understand. Kaylee can’t let that happen, even if trying to save their souls means putting her own at risk...

My Soul to Keep is number three in the series.
Kaylee has one addiction: her very hot, very popular boyfriend, Nash. A banshee like Kaylee, Nash understands her like no one else. Nothing can come between them.Until something does.Demon’s breath. No, not the toothpaste-challenged kind. The Netherworld kind. The kind that really can kill you. Somehow, the super-addictive substance has made its way to the human world. But how? Kaylee and Nash have to cut off the source and protect their friends—one of whom is already hooked.And when the epidemic hits too close to home, Kaylee will have to risk everything to save those she loves.

My Soul to Steal is the fourth book and is scheduled to release on January 1, 2011.
Trying to work things out with Nash—her maybe boyfriend—is hard enough for Kaylee Cavanaugh. She can’t just pretend nothing happened. But “complicated” doesn’t even begin to describe their relationship when his ex-girlfriend transfers to their school, determined to take Nash back.See, Sabine isn’t just an ordinary girl. She’s a mara, the living personification of a nightmare. She can read people’s fears—and craft them into nightmares while her victims sleep. Feeding from human fear is how she survives.And Sabine isn’t above scaring Kaylee and the entire school to death to get whatever—and whoever—she wants.
I'm eagerly awaiting My Soul to Steal and I can't wait for the fifth and last installment in this brilliant series, If I Die.
But in order to stem my excitement, I'm going to start reading Rachel's other series. Which is coming to an end with the sixth book Alpha to be officially released on October 1st.
You should seriously consider checking these books out!
All book blurbs provided by Rachel Vincent on her website at:

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Okay so here's numero cuatro in the Beautiful Darkness Teaser Trailers.

I think I know who this one is, but I'm not going to say because 1) I'm giving away no spoilers and 2) I don't want to look like an idiot when I'm wrong.

Remember the ongoing contest at: http//


check out the Caster Chronicles: Enter the Darkness site in order to view the previous videos here:

Thanks for following!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Gabe- Personal Demons Book Trailer

Yeah! The First Personal Demons Book Trailer

There are going to be three, count 'em, THREE, Personal Demons book trailers.

And for those of you who don't know, Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers is a book coming out in September. Here's the description and as always it's provided by Amazon:

If you had to choose between Heaven and Hell, which would it be?Are you sure about that...?Frannie Cavanaugh is a good Catholic girl with a wicked streak. She's spent years keeping everyone at a distance--even her closest friends--and it seems her senior year will be more of the same...until Luc Cain enrolls in her class. No one knows where he came from, but Frannie can't seem to stay away from him. What she doesn't know is that Luc works in Acquisitions--for Hell--and she possesses a unique skill set that has the king of Hell tingling with anticipation. All Luc has to do is get her to sin, and he's as tempting as they come. Frannie doesn't stand a chance. Unfortunately for Luc, Heaven has other plans, and the angel, Gabe, is going to do whatever it takes to make sure that Luc doesn't get what he came for. And it isn't long before they find themselves fighting for more than just her soul. But if Luc fails, there will be Hell to pay...for all of them. (added by author)
Sounds ah-freakin'-mazing, right?
Well here's the trailer above this post about the angel, Gabe (Don't you just love angels? They're always so innocent and corruptible. Although he might be the one doing the corrupting from the looks of him...) Hope you like it as much as I did!

Reading Teen's Back to School ARC Contest

So there's this awesome blog, called Reading Teen (much like me, only there are more of them), where they're giving away a bunch, no a whole pile of ARCs. How incredible!!!

The prizes include:

The Duff by Kody Keplinger
The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller
Nightshade by Andrea Cremer
Pegasus by Robin McKinley
You by Charles Benoit
Halo by Alexandra Adornetto
Other by Karen Kincy
Grace by Elizabeth Scott
Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl
Ascendant by Diana Peterfreund
The Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney
Hunger by Jackie Morse Kessler
Immortal Beloved by Cate Tiernan
Dark Song by Gail Giles
Kiss Me Deadly Anthology multiple authors

Here's the picture:

So go enter because so far only one person can win.

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The third Teaser in the Beautiful Darkness Teaser series.

Once again there's the contest running here:

And the site for all of the Teasers (not all have been posted yet) is here:

P.S. I know who this one is!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010


This is the second installment in the Beautiful Darkness Teaser series. (I broke my no Beautiful Darkness rule, but I forgot about the Teasers- OOPS!)

Remember, there's a contest running for posting these bad boys, or bad girl in this case. It's being held at the Beautiful Creatures blog:

You can possible win- wait for it...

A Beautiful Darkness Key Chain

Here's the main site for the teasers:

Stay tuned for next week!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Review: Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Beautiful Darkness (Caster Chronicles #2) by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Ethan Wate used to think of Gatlin, the small Southern town he had always called home, as a place where nothing ever changed. Then he met mysterious newcomer Lena Duchannes, who revealed a secret world that had been hidden in plain sight all along. A Gatlin that harbored ancient secrets beneath its moss-covered oaks and cracked sidewalks. A Gatlin where a curse has marked Lena's family of powerful Supernaturals for generations. A Gatlin where impossible, magical, life-altering events happen.Sometimes life-ending.Together they can face anything Gatlin throws at them, but after suffering a tragic loss, Lena starts to pull away, keeping secrets that test their relationship. And now that Ethan's eyes have been opened to the darker side of Gatlin, there's no going back. Haunted by strange visions only he can see, Ethan is pulled deeper into his town's tangled history and finds himself caught up in the dangerous network of underground passageways endlessly crisscrossing the South, where nothing is as it seems.

I know that I've gone on endlessly about this October 12th book release and it's probably getting really tiring for all of you who haven't read the original book Beautiful Creatures because once you've read the first you will completely understand my die-hard fandom.

So here's my review of Beautiful Darkness and you won't hear any more about this book until it's release date (I have not sworn to this, so be prepared for disappointment):

Be Warned SPOILERS May Lie Here

The second installment of the Caster Chronicles series will captivate you from the first line. There's a roller coaster of unsuspecting romances, mysteries and betrayal that all come unraveling around the small area of Gatlin County, keeping Ethan Wate from mending the gap that's been growing stronger between him and Lena Duchannes- a Caster with major mojo. Her guilt will haunt you while Ethan's story will make you fall for the poor mortal boy all over again.

And fall I did. Ethan's poor plight had me in tears for almost half of the book. I couldn't help but think, "Why? Why must this happen to such a wonderful couple?" But I know that Kami and Margaret had beautiful reasons.

The plot constantly caught me by surprise and I loved the book so much for that because lately there has been too much repetition in paranormal novels. The introduction of two other love interests (for whom I will not say) is painful but welcome and kept me screaming "MORE! I need more!" which made me powerless when it came to putting the book down. I had to finish it and I did so in less than 12 hours, a major feat if you ask me.

So all-in-all, the secret Caster world and it's twisting ways are addicting and the ending will have you begging on your hands and knees, ready to become Kami and Margaret's slaves, for the next installment in this life-altering series.

*Be sure to pick up Beautiful Darkness in stores October 12th, and if you haven't read Beautiful Creatures grab that as well!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hex Hall + Matched and Beautiful Darkness

Hex Hall
Three years ago, Sophie Mercer discovered that she was a witch. It's gotten her into a few scrapes. Her non-gifted mother has been as supportive as possible, consulting Sophie's estranged father--an elusive European warlock--only when necessary. But when Sophie attracts too much human attention for a prom-night spell gone horribly wrong, it's her dad who decides her punishment: exile to Hex Hall, an isolated reform school for wayward Prodigium, a.k.a. witches, faeries, and shapeshifters.
By the end of her first day among fellow freak-teens, Sophie has quite a scorecard: three powerful enemies who look like supermodels, a futile crush on a gorgeous warlock, a creepy tagalong ghost, and a new roommate who happens to be the most hated person and only vampire on campus. Worse, Sophie soon learns that a mysterious predator has been attacking students, and her only friend is the number-one suspect.
As a series of blood-curdling mysteries starts to converge, Sophie prepares for the biggest threat of all: an ancient secret society determined to destroy all Prodigium, especially her.
Description taken from Amazon.
Matched and Beautiful Darkness ARCs are currently being given away by Alexandra Shostak. Here:
I haven't talked about Matched by Allie Condie so here's the product description:
Cassia has always trusted the Society to make the right choices for her: what to read, what to watch, what to believe. So when XanderÕs face appears on-screen at her Matching ceremony, Cassia knows with complete certainty that he is her ideal mate . . . until she sees Ky MarkhamÕs face flash for an instant before the screen fades to black.
The Society tells her itÕs a glitch, a rare malfunction, and that she should focus on the happy life sheÕs destined to lead with Xander. But Cassia canÕt stop thinking about Ky, and as they slowly fall in love, Cassia begins to doubt the SocietyÕs infallibility and is faced with an impossible choice: between Xander and Ky, between the only life sheÕs known and a path that no one else has dared to follow.
*The contest is NOT for international followers and ends in about 3 weeks so get to filling out the form.

7 ARCs- No Way!!!

So I think I've blogged about this contest before, but now it's getting some extra time for entries- until August 15th to be exact. Here's the scoop, if you have already filled out the initial form then there's an Additional Form you can fill out to get ADDITIONAL points. Sweet, huh?

ARCs Up For Grabs:
Signed ARC of MATCHED by Ally Condie
ARC of PERSONAL DEMONS by Lisa Desrochers
ARC of FIRELIGHT by Sophie Jordan
ARC of TORMENT (sequel to FALLEN) by Lauren Kate
ARC of EXTRAORDINARY by Nancy Werlin
ARC of HALO by Alexandra Adornetto
ARC of DUFF by Kody Keplinger

*I'm really hoping to win either Personal Demons, Firelight, or Torment. *crosses fat fingers*

Well here's the link

Good luck to all and to all a good day!!!

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The First in the Beautiful Darkness Teaser Series

Above this post is the first in the Beautiful Darkness Teaser Series entitled "Us".

Apparently there are a lot of clues in this video. (unfortunetly I can't find them)

Now there's also a contest being held for posting this video anywhere imaginable! Well... I don't know about anywhere.

You can find more information about the contest to win a Beautiful Creatures (signed) poster at this url address:

And here's all dates for the rest of the Teaser Series:

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A Lush Budget ProductionTales of a Ravenous Reader: CONTEST: Fall Book Bonanza Blowout

A Lush Budget ProductionTales of a Ravenous Reader: CONTEST: Fall Book Bonanza Blowout: "Hey Everyone! As summer is coming close to an end (boo!). The only thing that is making me happy is knowing that this Fall is bursting with..."

Thank You Thursday!

I've won some contests over the past month and a half so I've decided to thank everyone who hosted those giveaways.

The Dark Goddess by Sarwat Chadda

BILLI SANGREAL is a Knight Templar and has thrown herself utterly into their brutal regime, shutting herself off from everyone and everything. But when Billi finds herself at the heart of a savage werewolf attack, she knows their target – a young girl – must be rescued at all costs. For this is no ordinary girl. Vasalisa is an avatar with an uncontrollable force within – and it’s not just the werewolves who want her.The Dark Goddess wants to sacrifice Vasalisa and use her powers to unleash unimaginable catastrophes and devastation. Can Billi protect Vasalisa from the ancient goddess – and at the same time stop her from destroying the world?

Description taken from Amazon.

Thank you, Sarwat for holding your contest!

Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful Darkness Buttons

Thank you, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl for holding your Countdown to Beautiful Darkness Contest!

Beautiful Darkness ARC by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, Siren by Tricia Rayburn, Wolves, Boys and Other Things That Might Kill Me by Kristin Chandler

Ethan Wate used to think of Gatlin, the small Southern town he had always called home, as a place where nothing ever changed. Then he met mysterious newcomer Lena Duchannes, who revealed a secret world that had been hidden in plain sight all along. A Gatlin that harbored ancient secrets beneath its moss-covered oaks and cracked sidewalks. A Gatlin where a curse has marked Lena's family of powerful Supernaturals for generations. A Gatlin where impossible, magical, life-altering events happen.Sometimes life-ending.Together they can face anything Gatlin throws at them, but after suffering a tragic loss, Lena starts to pull away, keeping secrets that test their relationship. And now that Ethan's eyes have been opened to the darker side of Gatlin, there's no going back. Haunted by strange visions only he can see, Ethan is pulled deeper into his town's tangled history and finds himself caught up in the dangerous network of underground passageways endlessly crisscrossing the South, where nothing is as it seems.

Description taken from Amazon.

Seventeen-year-old Vanessa Sands is afraid of everything--the dark, heights, the ocean--but her fearless older sister, Justine, has always been there to coach her through every challenge. That is until Justine goes cliff diving one night near the family's vacation house in Winter Harbor, Maine, and her lifeless body washes up on shore the next day. Vanessa's parents want to work through the tragedy by returning to their everyday lives back in Boston, but Vanessa can't help feeling that her sister's death was more than an accident. After discovering that Justine never applied to colleges, and that she was secretly in a relationship with longtime family friend Caleb Carmichael, Vanessa returns to Winter Harbor to seek some answers.But when Vanessa learns that Caleb has been missing since Justine's death, she and Caleb's older brother, Simon, join forces to try to find him, and in the process, their childhood friendship blossoms into something more. Soon it's not just Vanessa who is afraid. All of Winter Harbor is abuzz with anxiety when another body washes ashore, and panic sets in when the small town becomes home to a string of fatal, water-related accidents . . . in which all the victims are found grinning from ear to ear. As Vanessa and Simon probe further into the connections between Justine's death and the sudden rash of creepy drownings, Vanessa uncovers a secret that threatens her new romance, and that will change her life forever.

Description taken from Amazon.

When KJ Carson is assigned to write a column for her school newspaper about the wolves in nearby Yellowstone National Park, she’s more interested in impressing Virgil Whitman, the new kid in school and the photographer assigned as her partner, than in investigative journalism. But before long, KJ has a face-to-face encounter with a wolf that changes her and the way she thinks about wolves. With her new found passion for protecting these controversial animals, KJ inadvertently ignites the fuse of the anti-wolf sentiment in the community. First Virgil is injured during a town parade, and then her father’s store is set on fire in retribution. To stop the escalating violence, KJ follows Virgil to the cattle ranch of the most outspoken anti-wolf activists in town, against her father’s will. What she discovers there threatens everything and everyone she cares about. In KJ’s fierce and funny attempt to make peace between the wolves and the people that despise them, she must first face her own long-held fears. It’s terrifying, but then, finding yourself always is.

Thank you, Bree Despain author of The Dark Divine and the upcoming novel The Lost Saint for having such a cool giveaway.

Promise by Kristie Cook

When Alexis Ames is attacked by creatures that can't be real, she decides it's time she learns who she really is, with or without the help of her mother, who guards their family's secrets closely. After meeting the inhumanly attractive, multi-talented Tristan Knight, however, Alexis retreats behind her façade of normalcy...until she discovers he's not exactly normal either. Then their secrets begin to unravel. Their union brings hope and promise to her family's secret society, the Angels' army, and to the future of mankind. But it also incites a dangerous pursuit by the enemy - Satan's minions and Tristan's creators. After all, Alexis and Tristan are a match made in Heaven and in Hell.
Description from Amazon.
Thank you to Lavendar Lines blog at-
Again much thanks to everyone who supplied me with these prizes and here's hoping I'll win some more in the future!

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Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton

This book is set to release early 2011, but I just have to share it
because, well look at it! It's B-E-A-U-tiful.

When seventeen-year-old Ellie starts seeing reapers - monstrous creatures who devour humans and send their souls to Hell - she finds herself on the front lines of a supernatural war between archangels and the Fallen and faced with the possible destruction of her soul.
A mysterious boy named Will reveals she is the reincarnation of an ancient warrior, the only one capable of wielding swords of angelfire to fight the reapers, and he is an immortal sworn to protect her in battle. Now that Ellie's powers have been awakened, a powerful reaper called Bastian has come forward to challenge her. He has employed a fierce assassin to eliminate her - an assassin who has already killed her once.
While balancing her dwindling social life and reaper-hunting duties, she and Will discover Bastian is searching for a dormant creature believed to be a true soul reaper. Bastian plans to use this weapon to ignite the End of Days and to destroy Ellie's soul, ending her rebirth cycle forever. Now, she must face an army of Bastian's most frightening reapers, prevent the soul reaper from consuming her soul, and uncover the secrets of her past lives - including truths that may be too frightening to remember.

I seriously think this might be my most coveted book of 2011.
Learn more at

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My Five Most Anticipated Books

Okay, obviously I loooooove to read and I thought I would share what I'm (patiently) waiting for.

My Five Most Anticipated Books of The Rest of the Year (could you see why I didn't put that as the title?)

So here goes:

Number 1- Unraveled (Crossroads High #2) by Gena Showalter

Since coming to Crossroads, Oklahoma, former outcast Aden Stone has been living the good life. Never mind that one of his best friends is a werewolf, his girlfriend is a vampire princess who hungers for his blood, and he's supposed to be crowned Vampire King—while still a human! Well, kind of.
With four—oops, three now—human souls living inside his head, Aden has always been "different" himself. These souls can time-travel, raise the dead, possess another's mind and, his least favorite these days, tell the future.
The forecast for Aden? A knife through the heart.
Because a war is brewing between the creatures of the dark, and Aden is somehow at the center of it all. But he isn't about to lie down and accept his destiny without a fight. Not when his new friends have his back, not when Victoria has risked her own future to be with him, and not when he has a reason to live for the first time in his life….

Intertwined (Crossroads High #1)
learn more at

Number 2- Beautiful Darkness (#2 in Beautiful Creatures series) by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Ethan Wate used to think of Gatlin, the small Southern town he had always called home, as a place where nothing ever changed. Then he met mysterious newcomer Lena Duchannes, who revealed a secret world that had been hidden in plain sight all along. A Gatlin that harbored ancient secrets beneath its moss-covered oaks and cracked sidewalks. A Gatlin where a curse has marked Lena's family of powerful Supernaturals for generations. A Gatlin where impossible, magical, life-altering events happen.Sometimes life-ending.Together they can face anything Gatlin throws at them, but after suffering a tragic loss, Lena starts to pull away, keeping secrets that test their relationship. And now that Ethan's eyes have been opened to the darker side of Gatlin, there's no going back. Haunted by strange visions only he can see, Ethan is pulled deeper into his town's tangled history and finds himself caught up in the dangerous network of underground passageways endlessly crisscrossing the South, where nothing is as it seems.

Beautiful Creatures is the first in the series. Learn more at

Number 3- Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

Calla Tor has always known her destiny: After graduating from the Mountain School, she'll be the mate of sexy alpha wolf Ren Laroche and fight with him, side by side, ruling their pack and guarding sacred sites for the Keepers. But when she violates her masters' laws by saving a beautiful human boy out for a hike, Calla begins to question her fate, her existence, and the very essence of the world she has known. By following her heart, she might lose everything--including her own life. Is forbidden love worth the ultimate sacrifice?

Learn more at

Number 4- Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

Nora should have know her life was far from perfect. Despite starting a relationship with her guardian angel, Patch (who, title aside, can be described anything but angelic), and surviving an attempt on her life, things are not looking up. Patch is starting to pull away and Nora can't figure out if it's for her best interest or if his interest has shifted to her arch-enemy Marcie Millar. Not to mention that Nora is haunted by images of her father and she becomes obsessed with finding out what really happened to him that night he left for Portland and never came home.
The farther Nora delves into the mystery of her father's death, the more she comes to question if her Nephilim blood line has something to do with it as well as why she seems to be in danger more than the average girl. Since Patch isn't answering her questions and seems to be standing in her way, she has to start finding the answers on her own. Relying too heavily on the fact that she has a guardian angel puts Nora at risk again and again. But can she really count on Patch or is he hiding secrets darker than she can even imagine?

Hush, Hush is the first book in the series. Learn more at

Number 5- Mockingjay (#3 in the Hunger Games trilogy) by Suzanne Collins

Against all odds, Katniss Everdeen has survived the Hunger Games twice. But now that she’s made it out of the bloody arena alive, she’s still not safe. The Capitol is angry. The Capitol wants revenge. Who do they think should pay for the unrest? Katniss. And what’s worse, President Snow has made it clear that no one else is safe either. Not Katniss’s family, not her friends, not the people of District 12. Powerful and haunting, this thrilling final installment of Suzanne Collins’s groundbreaking The Hunger Games trilogy promises to be one of the most talked about books of the year.

The Hunger Games and Catching Fire are the other installments in the trilogy.


So besides Mockingjay, can you tell I'm a paranormal nut? Hope it's not contagious!

Carly Bennett's August Contest

The books on offer this month are:
- Rules of Attraction (ARC) – Simone Elkeles
- Noah Barleywater Runs Away (ARC) – John Boyne
- The Vampires Diaries: The Awakening and The Struggle – L. J. Smith
- Troubador – Mary Hoffman

The contest is international and ends August 31st.

Good luck!

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First Contest For Like Mother, Like Daughter Blog

The Like Mother, Like Daughter Blog is giving away the first two books in Tamora Pierce's The Immortals series.

Book ONE: Wild Magic

Book TWO: Wolf-Speakers

*The contest is open to only U.S. and Canada residents. You'll receive extra entries if you're a follower of the blog (newbies are accepted).

It ends on August 18th at midnight.

Good luck!

A Sizzlin' Summer Book Giveaway

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Sizzlin' Summer Book Giveaway!
The Prairie Library is on fire with hot books! Ok, not literally. But these books are too hot and, lest they burn down my bookcase, I’m giving them away!

Grab your oven glove, these books are too hot to handle!Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins Sapphique by Catherine FisherSummer at Tiffany by Marjorie HartThis is Me From Now On by Barbara DeeMockingjay, Summer at Tiffany and This is Me From Now On are available to international participants! (Fill out Form One)Sapphique is only open to those with a U.S. mailing address. (Fill out Forms One and Two) This book is not available until Dec. in the U.S. and I wanted to give someone here a chance to get it early.Contest begins July 1st, 2010 and ends August 21st, 2010 at 11:59 pm central time. Winners will be notified via email on the 22nd and must respond by August 24th, 2010 at 6 am central time to verify their address. Failure to respond means I choose another winner. All books will be mailed by September 4th, 2010 (unless Mockingjay is on backorder…fingers crossed that Amazon is prepared). Book specs: I currently own each book but Mockingjay (hardback) which I have pre-ordered. I will read it, then send it to the winner so, it should be in good condition. Summer at Tiffany (paperback) is brand new (I’m reading a different copy). Sapphique (paperback) will be gently used. This is Me from Now On (paperback) is a little scuffed around the edges. I just want you to know what you’re getting!

Choose Your Genre Contest!

Choose either a Paranormal book Pack

Historical Fiction

A Romance Pack

Or a Suspense Pack

Lisa Desrochers' August Debut Contest

Win a signed Personal Demons ARC. It's your last chance before the actual book comes out.
All you have to do is spread the word.

Here's what you can win:

Personal Demons Arc
Freak Observer

Hurry and enter! It ends August 27th!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Melissa Writes Fiction Contest for I Am Number Four

HERE is the link to win a copy of I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore.

Kristie Cook's Release Party and BDay

Go to this site in order to have a chance to win Promise by Kristie Cook

I entered and so should u.

Promise Giveaway

Comment here to win a copy of Promise!

Ellz Readz Gently Read Books

Info from site:

Over the past year, I have accumulated a ton of books. I am not going to reread them all, so I am going to share them with you. They are all in excellent condition, most read only once. Here is the list...
YA Titles:
Donuts Days by Laura Zielin
Blood Promise by Richelle Mead
The Stillburrow Crush by Linda Kage
Ghost Huntress (book 2) The Guidance by Marley Gibson
Forgive My Fins by Tera Lynn Childs
Strangled Silence by Oisin McGann
Boys That Bite by, Mari Mancusi
Fallen by, Lauren Kate (arc)
Secret Whispers by V.C. Andrews
Kiss of Death by, Rachel Caine
Shadow by, Jenny Moss (arc)-this cover is a bit worn, but book is intact
Greek Double Date by, Marsha Warner
The Cupcake Queen by, Heather Helper
Jonas Beautiful Dead by, Eden Maguire
Adult Titles:
Mark Of The Demon by, Diana Rowland
Red-Headed Stepchild by, Jaye Wells
Bunco Babes Gone Wild by, Maria Geraci
Bunco Babes Tell All by, Maria Geraci
Deep Kiss Of Winter by, Kresley Cole and Gena Showalter
Blood Price by, Tanya Huff
Shift by, Rachel Vincent
Prey by, Rachel Vincent
The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox
The Dangerous Book For Demon Slayers by, Angie Fox
Bite Marks by, Jennifer Rardin
Me, Myself, and Why? (bound manuscript) by Mary Janice Davidson
The Crazy School by, Cornelia Read
Mermaid's Ransom by, Joey W. Hill
Lean Mean Thirteen by, Janet EvanovichMagic In The Shadows by, Devon MonkTrue Blood and Philosophy
I may be adding several books to this list before the contest ends.
There will be two winners. 1st place will get to select 3 books. 2nd place will select 2 books. I may add more winners, only time will tell. (wink)*Update (7/18) I added another winner. Third place gets to pick one book from the remaining list.
This one is for US only, or an international winner who is willing to pay shipping via paypal. Sorry, shipping is expensive (especially for hardcovers). To enter, complete the form. You can grab extra entries by following and spreading the word.
*This will wrap up the Blogoversary giveaways, but stop back on Friday for Book Extravaganza!

Win 3 Ghostgirl books!!!!

There's a contest to win the three Ghostgirl books by Tonya Hurley!
Number 3 hits shelves Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!

Win #1 of the Guardian of the Gate + some swag

Sixteen-year-old Lia Milthorpe and her twin sister Alice have just become orphans, and, as Lia discovers, they have also become enemies. The twins are part of an ancient prophecy that has turned generations of sisters against each other. To escape from a dark fate and to remain in the arms of her beloved boyfriend James, Lia must end the prophecy before her sister does. Only then will she understand the mysterious circumstances of her parents' deaths, the true meaning of the strange mark branded on her wrist, and the lengths to which her sister will go to defeat her. Debut novelist Michelle Zink takes readers on an unforgettable journey where one sister's fateful decision could have an impact of Biblical proportions.

Win Shadow Hills

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Goodreads says, "His love captivated her... his secrets might kill her. Since her sister’s mysterious death, Persephone “Phe” Archer has been plagued by a series of disturbing dreams. Determined to find out what happened to her sister, Phe enrolls at Devenish Prep in Shadow Hills, Massachusetts—the subject of her sister’s final diary entry. After stepping on campus, Phe immediately realizes that there’s something different about this place—an unexplained epidemic that decimated the town in the 1700s, an ancient and creepy cemetery, and gorgeous boy Zach—and somehow she’s connected to it all. But the more questions she asks and the deeper she digs, the more entangled Phe becomes in the haunting past of Shadow Hills. Finding what links her to this town…might cost her her life."Persephone Archer, otherwise known as Phe, is a dealing with the sudden death of her sister, Athena. Her death is shrouded in mystery and Phe is trying to piece it all together. Athena's last diary entry discussed a prep school called Devenish, located in Shadow Hills, Massachusetts, many miles away from where they live in Los Angeles. Phe is also dealing with very vivid and scary dreams which started as soon as Athena died. There's nothing left in LA for Phe; her parents have checked out after Athena's death and her friendships are falling apart. She decides to go to Shadow Hills and enroll at Devenish. Ultimately, Phe tries to figure out why her sister would have referenced this place in her diary; she's hoping there will be something there that will help her make sense of everything. But once she gets to Shadow Hills, she is even more confused by its ominous cemetery and small town with weird locals that are hiding secrets. The more and more she searches for answers, the deeper she falls into the town's mysteries. Phe meets a dreamy guy named Zach, but oddly enough, she recognizes him from one of her dreams, which completely freaks her out, but she can't deny the attraction she feels for him. On top of it, she is starting to realizes that the townspeople, including Zach, posses some unusual abilities, which makes Shadow Hills even more creepy. Anastasia Hopcus' debut novel, Shadow Hills, is definitely a paranormal page-ripper, but what makes it so different than the other novels in its genre is the fact that there are no werewolves or vampires present in it at all!