Sunday, October 10, 2010

Torment Review

Torment by Lauren Kate (the sequel to Fallen)

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*Also note that even though the trailer for this book has been out for awhile, I decided to put it on my blog yesterday in order to get things pumped up.*

My Review

Torment was significantly better in my opinion than the first book, Fallen.
Luce to me grew up a little, she realized that people were telling her what to do, but yet they would never give her answers as to why they were. To some readers it may seem that she's being stubborn but unlike her, we know that something is happening that requires Luce to lay low.

This novel had more adventure, answers, questions, romance and just a better air than the last one. I loved that Kate introduced Luce to a new, semi-normal love interest, and I adore all of the new characters she added along with the old ones she brought back. The shadows Luce kept seeing, a.k.a. the Announcers and their purpose was also really cool.

My only miff was the fact that Demon Boy was only in the book for maybe ten total pages! I love CAM! Daniel is nothing compared to that sexy, dark boy. When I was reading and I realized that there was very little Cam, I quickly grew disappointed.

So all in all I'd have to give this novel 4/5 stars just because Cam did a disappearing act.

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  1. I finished Fallen and I started torment right after, that was a couple months ago and I never made it past the 3rd chapter. I just couldn't get into it. You have given me new courage to give the book another chance. I really liked the first one so hopefully I can become attached to the rest of them. Thank you for your review!!


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