Sunday, January 22, 2012

What's Your Dealbreaker?

I love books. It's kind of obvious, however there are certain books that I just can't make myself read. Here they are in no particular order:

*the main character has purple/pink/blue/some other unnatural hair color
I'm not sure why this freaks me out so much, but once I hear that the person I'm reading about has dyed their hair to make themselves stand out, I just can't read the book anymore. I guess I want my main character to be relatable to me and brightly colored hair just doesn't do that.

*the main character has a multitude of tattoos covering her body
I think this has to do with the relatable thing as well... I don't personally understand why a teenage girl would have no skin left on her arms/legs/face. I don't care if they have one or two, that's not a big deal, but being covered in ink, in my opinion, isn't attractive. This might sound super sexist to some people, and I'm uber sorry if it does, but tattoos on guys don't bug me at all. Although on the face is still an ick factor to me.

*a short love interest
I kind of want to punch myself for this one. It makes me sound horrible! My problem though is that I'm almost 5'9" and having a guy who is under 6 feet tall be the love interest just doesn't make him as attractive as I wish he would be.

I can't think of anymore dealbreakers for me and my books. If you have any dealbreakers you'd like to discuss, comment away! There shall be no judging here!


  1. OK, the short thing? I totally get that. I'm 5'11", so short guys ... not gonna do it for me,

    I'm also not a fan of the brightly colored hair. It's just ... no. I mean, a few stripes or highlights are cool. But a head of bright blue hair? Nuh-uh. I think it's because I have a process of "casting" a novel (I visualize actors/actresses acting out the novel as I read), and I can't think of ANYONE who has a head of pink hair.

  2. This is a really wonderful post! I love that you are admitting to these deal breakers. None of them bother me unless they are the defining thing about the character. Thanks for posting this.

  3. he i'm short/mad/ lol i'm 5.2
    they don't bothr me
    tnx 4 being honest


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