Friday, January 13, 2012

WTC aka What the Crap!?!

So, I almost had a meltdown in the middle of my high school's library. Why, you ask. I read a review of Dreamless by Josephine Angelini on Goodreads. Why would that make me sick, you ask. Because of character I read about that is introduced in this book. I actually thought I was going to cry and puke at the same time. It was awful. This character, Orion, was a character that I wanted to write about. I love Greek mythology and I love the story of Orion. I still haven't gotten to the point of my meltdown yet, have I?
Well, the reason I freaked out was because I had a story to write about Orion. I wanted to write about this idea that I had about him and a girl (of course). And when I read this person's review I just knew that if I wrote this story, it would come out as sounding waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too similar to Ms. Angelini's.
It's really sad and totally bumming. I'm a little scared that reading this Starcrossed sequel will make me want to puke and cry throughout the whole book.
Excuse me while I go wallow in my misery.

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