Thursday, November 22, 2012

Why I Love YA!

Who do I love young adult books?
This is a really hard question that seemed so very simple when I first heard the question but now, I'm having a difficult time explaining. So here's a list of my thoughts:
1) I grew up reading and young adult was in the same age group as I was when I started my obsession with the written word.
2) Young adult has grown into a fantastical, supernatural world that keeps me from having to worry about my stressful life.
3) The covers are GORGEOUS! :)
4) There is always something different to try. There's contemporary, dystopian, paranormal, fantasy and so much more! And all of it written through the eyes of a character that's in my age group.
And I'll stop there because 4 is my lucky number.
Now the whole reason for my spiel is pictured below:
Beth Revis is hosting the ultimate of contests on her blog. She's giving away fifty or so signed books!
So head here and enter her super awesome contest.

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