Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Book Doctor

So, I thought that I'd post this just in case no one knew how to make their books look prettier. I'm going to say sorry in advance to those of you who think this is utter blasphemy. 

You know how black, or blue, green, purple, etcetera, books get those icky, beat-up, white spines? Kind of like this:

(This is not my picture. I found it here.)

Unfortunately I don't have one of my own books with me or I'd totally get some better shots of this, but you get the gist. If you're an extreme book nerd, like moi, you can take one of these babies

 (This is not my picture. I found it here.)

and doctor it up a little. BUT, the best color to do it with is BLACK! If you want to fix a blue, red, pink, green, whatever color spine, you have to find a matching marker! AND BE CAREFUL! If you shake a lot, do not do this and expect good results.

And just note, that if this doesn't work for you, then I'm sorry you defaced your book, and I'm totally not responsible. It normally works though, and if I was home, I'd make a video or take pics or something to show you.

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  1. Oh I hate when my spines start to get messed up like that. But I don't think I could do the marker thing - I'd be too afraid of messing it up worse. Plus a little wear and tear shows love, right? If I had a better eye for color and a steadier hand, that'd be a different story though! Great idea :-)


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