Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 13 Books of 2013

I just finished reading my last book of 2013, so now I can officially create a Top 13 list. Yay!



I almost completely forgot about reading this book, but then I saw it on my 2013 reads and I was reminded of how much I enjoyed Allie and Levi's story.



This is kind of a cheat, but if I had to choose one specifically it would be The Runaway King. I used to read sooooo much middle grade fantasy in my younger years and these books totally reminded me of why I loved the genre as much as I did. So thanks for taking me back, Jennifer A. Nielsen.



Unlike a majority of the YA community, I just finished this book one day before the new year. While Legend was just kind of okay, Prodigy managed to step up the series for me. And I think I might have a thing for Day. 



I still remember going nuts over this series when it first came out. C.A.M. is an awesome writer and it hurts me inside to end a series that started my first major fangirl moment. 

P.S. I love you, Will! 



This book might seem kind of weird to be on a Top 13 list, but whenever I was reading it I was in a Greek mythology class, so it was pretty neat reading Carter's spin on Hera, Aphrodite, Persephone and Hermes. She also made me like Hermes, which I never normally did before.



I can't believe that this beautiful angel series is over. WAH! Unearthly was so lyrical and lovely and will always remain one of my favorite paranormal books of all time. Why Boundless is so far from numero uno is simply because Tucker was barely in it until the end. Oh, and yes, I was very happy with the ending. ;)



This is another cheat. Sorry. If I have to pick, I'd choose Scarlet simply because I loved Wolf. He's adorable, yet not. Does that make sense? Plus, the ending of Cinder left me furious with a few unmentionable characters.



I don't know if I've ever mentioned this on here, but I'm a HUGE superhero fan. My dad and I always go and see the newest DC or Marvel movie together in theaters, so reading a book about evil superheroes and the human trying to take them down was very cool.



I get so many feels when I read Ashton's books. This one wasn't as epic as the first one, probably 'cuz Jack wasn't as prominent, but I still seriously enjoyed it. And I do love Cole. Just not as much as Jack.



Putting all thoughts about I how much I hate this cover aside, this book was fantastic. It scared me. A book managed to freak me out. Plus, Jared's pretty sexy.



Alice in Zombieland is one of my favorite books! Though the sequel wasn't quite as amazing in my opinion, I still loved it! I can't wait for more Cole!



This book just makes me want to stroke it. It's so beautiful inside and out. Deliverance needs to be in my hands ASAP. 


 I still can't get over how amazing this book was! Cath and Levi are two awesome characters and I just want another Rainbow Rowell book. RIGHT. NOW.

So there you have it. Those are my (sort of) Top 13 Books Read in 2013. What was some of your favorites?

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