Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Bane of Every Book Nerd's Existence (aka Reading Slumps)

 Books just don't hold my attention as much. Not in the last few weeks anyway. And that makes me super angry. I've been telling myself not to buy ANY books until I've read a few of the ones that I already have, but I just can't find any that capture my attention. I've picked up four different books and stopped each one less than 20 pages in. It's sooooooo frustrating!
Right now, I'm in the mood for contemporary, something I don't own a lot of. And to make that even harder, I'm super interested in teenage pregnancy stories. (I know, totally random.) But, like I said, I own none of those.

So, I wanted to see what you guys do to try and nudge your way out of a reading slump. Do you re-read old favorites? Read a short book? Just work through it? Please, tell me your bookish secrets.

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