Thursday, August 7, 2014

Preordering Books: The Aggravation Edition

So I preordered this book a week or so before its release date. You may have heard of it, its pretty popular right now. There’s this hot alien boy involved and a fellow book-loving protagonist who sometimes goes by the name of Kitten.

I have been waiting for this book for a year. A YEAR! I expected it to be in my hands by now. Especially since it was a preorder order. It should have been here on August 5th, ready for me to devour it. But, no. Barnes & Noble is taking FOREVER! They shipped it yesterday. And only after I contacted customer service to ask (politely, of course) what was taking so long. The rep didn’t answer that question, he just told me that my order was scheduled to ship the next day. Grr…

Preordering books is an option for ONE reason. So that people can have their books ON the DAY IT IS RELEASED! Not three or four days after. Those types of orders would qualify as regular orders that can be shipped whenever.

Oh, and you know what really makes this even more frustrating? I’m a B&N member.
So, that’s what my life looks like right about now.

What are some of your preorder aggravations? Vent to me, people.


  1. Tell me about it! I live in Germany, so it often occurs that my preferred book sellers don’t even have the English new releases in stock at the publication date. You can only wonder what the purpose of a preordering function is when books arrive weeks after their publication ... It can be so frustrating! Happened to me before with Insurgent as well as Lola & The Boy Next Door – the latter hasn’t been shipped even three weeks after its release, so I eventually gave up and ordered it somewhere else instead.
    But in your case it’s only been two days, so lean back and relax, I guess – easy for me to say, for I don’t read Jennifer Armentrout’s books. :P

  2. Ugh. I can't even imagine having to wait weeks for a preorder! And you're seriously missing out. JLA's books are fantastic! XD


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