Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fan Collection Items that I Must Have

As a fan of multiple things, Supernatural, generally any young adult book out there, Game of Thrones, etcetera, I want a lot of stuff related to those things.

I’ve decided to compile a small list (that I’ll probably expand later) of some fan collection items that I want.

A Marauder’s Map

I have a wand… Er, well it’s Hermione’s wand, but I can still use it to open the map and look at who is and who isn’t in Hogwarts. I mean a replica will still work, right? Right?!

A Stele

I’m actually not a huge fan of The Mortal Instruments, but the stele’s I’ve seen look so cool that I want one.

A Direwolf

This one is totally possible. I can have a giant wolf in my apartment. It would be totally safe.

So, what are some fan items that you would like to collect?

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