Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Favorite Traits in a (Paranormal) Book Boyfriend

I like boys. I like hot boys. I like bad boys. And I'm not ashamed of this. But there are other characteristics I like in my paranormal book boyfriends. So, I thought I'd list them. And the only reason I said they're paranormal, is because I realized Levi from Fangirl (a contemporary book, and my favorite book ever!) fits very few of these descriptions.

Anywho, here's my favorite traits in no particular order:

Dark Hair

There’s really nothing to say about this except I like guys with dark hair. Preferably black.

Short Hair

Long hair on guys in books gives me the willies. I just don’t find it sexy at all.


I know, I know. I said in an earlier post that I don’t like female main characters with a lot of tattoos. But guys with tattoos? Totally hot. Do I feel bad about my double standard? Yes. Do I care? Not at this moment.

Muscles (Obviously)

Who wants a string bean rescuer? Or a string bean werewolf lover? Or a string bean football player? Not me.

Brooding Attitude

Sure, guys who are funny and sweet are cool, but the one’s with the brooding attitudes are just so mysterious (in books and books only. Don’t come around me in real life with your drama. I don’t want it.)

P.S. You know I had to put Dean in here somewhere, right? :)

Possessive, But Not Overbearing (A Typical Alpha Male)

Yes, you can say I’m yours. BUT, I have to be able to say you’re MINE, too.

P.S. I do really like it when you say I’m yours. ;)

Tall (Above 6’)

I think this just has to do with my own height. I’m tall-ish, so I want a guy who’s taller than me and 6’ is definitely that. Weird and random fact, but I really like the height 6’2”.


This kind of goes with the brooding attitude. I like my book bf to be funny, but I don’t want him to be the class clown. You feel me?

In the Book for More than 90% of the Storyline

Let’s be honest here. Who’s actually reading the book for just a plot? Hardly anyone. I know I’m reading the book because of the romance. At least, 95% of the time I’m reading it for the romance. So, if the guy isn’t in the book enough, well… something needs to get fixed, and fast.

Some of My Favorite Book BFs:

Roth (White Hot Kiss)
Daemon (Obsidian)
Cole (Alice in Zombieland)
Jack (Poison Princess)
Tucker (Unearthly, like Levi, he’s the exception to these)
Logan (Defiance, kind of ditto)
Chaol (Throne of Glass, kind of ditto too)
Aelyx (Alienated)
Will (Angelfire)
Ren (Nightshade)
Lucas (Moonlight)
Raffe (Angelfall)
Jesse (Mediator)

Who are your book boyfriends? And what traits do they generally have?

***Note: I did not create these images. They have each been linked to their location.

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