Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Movie Review: Insurgent

If you have not watched the movie you can still read this review. However, if you want to be absolutely sure that you are not going to see anything that may be considered spoilage, just don’t read my review. That is all I have for my Public Service Announcement for today. Thank you.

My Review

So what did I think of the Insurgent movie? Do you really wanna know? Or do you not want to know at all? Well too bad, because I’m going to share it all anyway.

I have to start out by saying that I enjoyed this one a lot more than Divergent. Why? I don’t honestly know. Maybe it was because there was more violence in this depiction (That sounds horrible, doesn’t it?), or maybe it’s because I finally got used to Shailene Woodley (Actually, I know it isn’t this one.). So I just don’t know why.

I thought that the filmmakers did a good job in the beginning of the movie. I was drawn into the plot and I even enjoyed all of the characters. None of them were cliché—even the villians.

What I wasn’t totally sure about was the box thing. Tris is supposed to be the divergent they’re after because she has 100% divergent genes, or blood, or whatever, but originally, Tris only tested for Abnegation, Erudite, and Dauntless. And guess what? This only adds up to 60%. PLOT HOLE! I also just didn’t enjoy the extreme sci-fi-ness of the last thirty or so minutes of the movie. It was just odd. This coupled with the horrible CGI/graphics that appeared during quite a few portions of the film had me wondering what they were thinking while editing this movie.

Despite all of my nit-picking, I had things I did enjoy. #1 being Theo James, aka Four, aka Hottie McHotterson. Oh, and Four’s mother was way too young to have given birth to him. Just FYI. #2 was the action, not including the ending. And #3 was the world-building. We actually got to see and experience the other factions and they were actually pretty cool.

Oh, and before I forget to mention this, I must add that Shailene Woodley has a horrible, raspy scream/yell thing that is unbelievably annoying.

So, all in all, I liked this book-to-movie adaptation. I think it’s good that they changed things up a bit considering how awful Alegiant is; they’re going to need this. If you’re going into this movie expecting a perfect rendition of the book, you might as well just forget it. Be prepared for a film more along the lines of a Matrix remake with a mix of the Divergent series.

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