Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Very Own Book M*A*S*H. Because I'm Cool Like That.

 I saw this Book M*A*S*H game over on Booktube and I thought it was awesome. I’d never actually got around to doing it until now, though.

Book M*A*S*H was created by JessetheReader. I didn’t really use all of his categories, but I did use most of them.

I’ve taken pics of my papers. The first one shows which categories I chose (with little detail about what they mean because I’m evil like that and I want it to be a surprise) and the second one shows what I ended up getting. I’ll explain all of my results below.

First Book M*A*S*H Paper

Second Book M*A*S*H Paper


Mansion*Apartment*Shack*House: I’m going to live in a Mansion. (I know there’s a red line through the “M,” but I promise I just messed up with my counting, I didn’t cheat.)

Book Boys: I’m going to marry Cal from Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen. YES! And thank god it wasn’t Tom Riddle!

Book Girls: I’m best friends with Sydney from Richelle Mead’s Bloodlines series. I’m actually not sure how I feel about this. While Sydney is a great person, she’s also super smart and I think I’d be intimidated—and probably jealous—of her academic prowess.

World: I’m going to live in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Hogwarts here I come!

Number: I’m going to have SEVEN kids! At least it’s better than 13.

Pets: Hedwig will be my pet owl. At least she’ll have a better life with me than she did with Harry.

Vehicle: I will be riding a horse if I want to go anywhere. This will suck when I’m towing around seven kids. I’ll have to invest in a buggy.

Clothes: On my wedding day I will be wearing armor. Not sure how I feel about this…

Occupation: I will work at Hogwarts as the Charms Professor. Move over Professor Flitwick!

Weapon: And since I’m going to be a Hogwarts professor and live in the Wizarding World it stands to reason that my weapon of choice will be a wand.

Person: And lastly, my archnemesis will be Queen Levana herself. I wonder if Cinder, Thorne, Scarlet, and the gang will come help me. Hopefully Wolf comes. Although, Cal might not like me drooling over him…

All in all, I’m okay with my results. While I wouldn’t have chosen all of the Harry Potter stuff originally, it could have been a lot worse. Plus, I have Cal to help me out (and my seven kids *sigh*), so things will be alright.

You should definitely do your own Book M*A*S*H and tell me your results!

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