Tuesday, July 28, 2015

DC 2016 Movie Trailers and My Thoughts

As most of you all probably already know, the trailers for DC’s Suicide Squad and Batman vs. Superman came out at San Diego’s Comic-Con. And I thought I’d share the two trailers on the blog so we can all share our thoughts.

I like the trailer for this one, but I’m still very skeptical about Ben Affleck as Batman. He just doesn’t fit the role now that I’ve seen Christian Bale as the Dark Knight (I’m just pretending the older movies and TV shows don’t exist because they don’t really compare). I do really enjoy Wonder Woman’s appearance, however. I wasn’t sure about the actress who plays her, but now that I’m seeing her, I’m digging it. What say you?

So Batman vs. Superman was the DC movie that was on my radar. I hadn’t really heard much about Suicide Squad, nor did I really care to. BUT when the trailer was released I was like “YES. So creepy. YES.” Harley Quinn kind of freaks me out and Will Smith is a little iffy for me, but all in all, I think I’m more excited for this movie than I am for Batman vs. Superman. OH! And the Joker looks awesome! Again, what say you?

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