Monday, November 23, 2015

Movie Trailer Thoughts: Allegiant (Again)

I thought I’d share my thoughts and feels about the newest Allegiant trailer. I know I did one earlier for the first trailer, but I have more thoughts. In case you haven’t seen the newest trailer, I’ve posted it below:

So I’ve heard a lot of flak from some people about how different the trailer/movie is from the book. They’re even more miffed because Insurgent was completely different, as well. And while I agree that the movie Insurgent did a horrible job with all the CGI, I actually really enjoyed the movie. I enjoyed it way more than I enjoyed the book. You can check out my full review for it here.

If you haven’t gotten the gist yet from my harping on the Insurgent book, I’ll just let you know that I didn’t really like the last two books. Correction: I loathed Allegiant. And it’s not even for the reasons I bet you’re thinking of. My problem with Allegiant was the world explanation. You CAN’T do that, Veronica Roth! It defeats the whole purpose of creating a dystopian book in the first place!

Okay, rant over. Needless to say, I’m glad the movies are taking a new direction. While I think there are some odd plot holes in the trailer (Four is rappelling when he’s supposed to be afraid of heights and his mother looks like she’s maybe four years older than him), I’m excited for the whole Four new tech and new gun scene that’s shown. He’s such a bada$$. The idea that the kids have grown up watching everyone in Chicago is also really interesting. I know that the people in charge watched, but I don’t remember the whole outside world being able to watch. The idea that these kids are enchanted by Four is so freakin’ adorable, though! I would be that creepy 20-year-old doing the same thing if I was there.

I am curious about what the movie is going to do with Peter and Tris’ brother, however. I remember Caleb’s storyline from the book (Duh), but I can’t tell what they’re going to do with it now. I don’t remember Peter’s storyline and his role in the book at all really. I probably should go back and read the books, just so I can tell the differences, but I feel the books and movies are different enough from each other that doing so will just make me even more confused.

All in all, I’m excited to see where they’re going with this. Do I wish this were the last movie in the franchise? Yes. Will I probably be seeing the second part anyway? More than likely, yes. Am I hoping for some radical changes in regards to the ending? You ‘betcha.

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