Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 Blog and Reading Resolutions

It’s almost 2016! I feel like 2015 flew by so fast, but at the same time, it seemed to take forever. How is that possible? But we made it! We have successfully completed a year of our lives. Woo! Time to celebrate!

Because it’s going to be a bright and shiny new year, I decided to make some New Year’s Resolutions. I also made some resolutions for 2015, so we’ll see how I did on those first.

In 2015 I made the following resolutions:

-Write 35 reviews. I’ve written 25 in 2014 and that’s pretty good for me, but I want to increase my review count.
-Post a bookshelf tour video. I’ve been promising you guys this for like 3 years. I just don’t have the best lighting or a good enough camera to really do it. [Insert sad face]
-Finish 20 series. I have multiple third books in a series that I need to read so that I can be finito.
-Read 10 adult books—doesn’t matter what genre. I just think I need to spread my wings a little bit.
-Read 3 classics (I have been dying to read Pride and Prejudice all the way through and I just don’t have time).
-Read 100 books for the year. This has been my Goodreads goal for the past three years and I’ve achieved it every time.
-Read Outlander by Diana Gabaldon and the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin because why not?

Of these seven resolutions, I’ve completed three of them. Those three are:

-Write 35 reviews. --I've actually written way more than that this year. I tried to count, but it was too much effort after I got to 35.
-Read 10 adult books.  -- Most of these books were for school, but they still count.
-Read 100 books for the year.  -- I’m still working on this one, but I’m confident I’ll have it done by midnight tonight.

The ones I haven’t completed include:

-Posting a bookshelf tour video. -- I just don’t think this one’s ever going to happen. As much as I want it too, I don’t have the equipment.
Finishing 20 series.  -- I was sooooo close to this one. I finished about 15 series this year, but I guess I forgot towards the end of the year that I was hoping to get to 20.
-Reading 3 classics. -- I’m not too upset about this one. I read Pride and Prejudice, and that was my main goal.
-Reading Outlander or the A Song of Ice and Fire series.  -- I actually don’t think I’ll be reading these books anytime soon. I watch the TV shows and I think that’s enough for now. (I know, book-lover blasphemy, right?)

For 2016, I’ve come up with the following resolutions:

-Read at least 50 books. -- I’m cutting my goal down since I’ve had so much trouble reaching 100 books in 2015.
-Read another Jane Austen book. -- I really enjoyed Pride and Prejudice, and I have all of her books, so I think I should pick one up.
-Read at least 20 books that I owned before 2016. -- I have too many unread books on my shelves. The only way to solve this is to read more. End of story.
-Post on the blog as much as I did in 2015. -- I’m really proud of my blogging progress this year, so I hope 2016 is just as fruitful.
-Update/redesign the blog and take better Instagram photos. -- Yep. Sounds weird, but it’s a goal.


And there you have it, those are my New Year’s resolutions. What resolutions do you have this year? Any that are book-related? Let me know in the comments!

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