Sunday, January 17, 2016

Pinterest Sunday: Bookish Candles

I have decided that Sundays will now be Pinterest days. What does that mean? It means every Sunday I’ll be sharing a bookish craft with you all that I found on Pinterest.

Obviously, none of these craft ideas were created by me, and I’ll give the creator the credit he or she deserves. I just want to share some cool and fun—and maybe even new—craft ideas with you. And maybe I’ll even scrounge up the willpower to actually do the craft one day. Who knows?

The craft I want to share today was posted by Tara Block over at PopSugar and another part of it was posted by Sarah over at Arrow and Apple. I want my entire apartment to be covered in bookish décor. Is that weird? Didn’t think so. Check out the pics of my newest decoration desire: 

I don’t normally like candles, so having a mason jar or something and using the electric candles instead would be really cute. I would LOVE to do all seven Harry Potter books or even the Narnia ones. Of course, that means buying the books again.

I found these pics of the mason jar and how to make them from Arrow and Apple. I couldn’t find the how-to process for PopSugar’s.

I think I could get some cheap ones at a used book library sale. Hmm… This may be possible.

If you can think of any other cool bookish candle ideas I should mull over making, you should let me know.

What do you guys think? Would you do this? Yay? Nay? Maybe? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. Oh, I love the idea! It looks like you would just use a mason jar or some other jar and use something like mod podge to paste book pages on it. Use it as glue, and then go over it again with the mod podge to seal. I assume that's about it which is super simple. I think getting a favorite book from a library sale would be a good idea!


    1. Oooo.... I forgot about Mod Podge! That would definitely work! Now I have to do it! Thanks for the good idea! XD


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