Sunday, January 31, 2016

Pinterest Sunday: DIY Bookish Cards

I have decided that Sundays will now be Pinterest days. What does that mean? It means every Sunday I’ll be sharing a bookish craft with ya’ll that I found on Pinterest.

Obviously, none of these craft ideas were created by me, and I’ll give the creator the credit he or she deserves. I just want to share some cool and fun—and maybe even new—craft ideas with you. And maybe I’ll even scrounge up the willpower to actually do the craft one day. Who knows?

The craft I want to share today was posted by Popsugar and is ridiculously cute. I don’t know about you, but I don’t actually make cards all that often. I usually buy mine or use online event stuff to invite people anywhere. But this craft totally makes me want to throw a party, just so I can use these cards:

Can you imagine how cool a Harry Potter card like this would be? A silhouette of Harry waving his wand with Hedwig flying above or Hogwarts in the background? Or even the Pevensie kids under the lamppost? B-E-A-U-ITFUL. Of course, the Alice in Wonderland ones are cute too. It makes me want to have a kid, just so I can make their party Alice in Wonderland themed.

Now, other than printing out the text and folding the paper into an envelope shape, I’m not sure what exact steps are involved in this process. (I don’t know if I’d rip the pages of a book out to make these… I would have to definitely be having a themed party to spend money on a book and then destroy it just for some cards I’m not going to keep.) I can’t tell what paper they’re using. I would probably go for the heavier papers for the silhouette overlay, but I wouldn’t use construction paper. It’s too fuzzy.

If you can think of any other cool images that could be used, or that you want to use, definitely let me know!

So, what do you guys think? Would you do this? Yay? Nay? Maybe? Sound off in the comments.

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