Thursday, February 4, 2016

Bookshelf Pics: Bookshelf #5

Unlike the other bookshelves I've shown you over the past couple of weeks, this one lives at my apartment. I say lives because its constantly changing. I bring the books I need to read from my home shelves and shuffle them out once I've read some. It's a never-ending cycle. That's why you'll see some repeats from the first four shelves. Also, most of the books don't have dust jackets because its dangerous to travel with them on.

Oh, I almost forgot, not all of these are my books. I'll get to that in a bit though.

The very top shelf has DIY maps and Honeydukes bag from my HP Party last fall. One of the maps is of Narnia and the other of Hogwarts.

The next shelf holds my roommates' books and various knickknacks, including her HP wand and potion from our HP Party.

This third shelf is mine and it holds my naked TBR books. There's no particular order here. The ones that aren't naked are actually books I borrow from the Book Review Board of MO to review. Also, my HP Party wand and potion sit on this shelf with Daenerys.

For this shelf I have more TBR books along with Dean, Sam, Cas, and Toothless!

This shelf holds some books I bought not too long ago from Book Outlet. It also holds a cup full of bookmarks and pens, a teddy bear, some pics, and a goblet from our HP Party.

This last shelf is pretty measly. It has some textbook-ish books on it and the J.R. Ward book that I managed to read. (I try to keep the books I've read together so I can take them home when I visit my parents.) It also holds the pile of books I plan on getting signed by Victoria Aveyard and Sophie Jordan in a few days.

Alright, there you have it. That’s Shelf #5 in all of its glory! What do you think? Any arrangement tips? Oh, and I hope you enjoyed my shelves!

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