Thursday, March 31, 2016

My Thoughts on the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie

I thought I’d share my thoughts and feels about the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard about this particular movie, I’ve posted the trailer below:

Now, I knew going into this movie that it wasn’t going to be the greatest for a variety of reasons. One being Ben Affleck is not my Batman. Two, I’m more of a Marvel girl than a DC girl. And, three, I’d heard terrible things about it from the Thursday night premiere, which is sad because I went to see the movie on the Friday the movie came out. I was hoping reason #3 would mean I would be pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoy the movie, and it did help a little, but I was still underwhelmed by the whole thing.

My first complaint about the movie is that the beginning was ridiculously slow. Soooooo very slow. Also, Jesse Eisenberg is an AWFUL Lex Luthor. I don’t know how/why Zack Snyder decided Lex Luthor should be portrayed by Eisenberg, but I can honestly say Eisenberg’s performance had no redeeming qualities for me. I couldn’t find any believable motivation behind the character’s actions at all. Of course, this could also be because of the script. A lot of important plot points seemed to get glossed over or cut out throughout the movie while the angst between Batman and Superman just keep getting stronger for no rational reason.

My other critiques involve Batman’s weird dreams (not a spoiler because it’s the first scene of the film), the random and loud soundtrack, the excess use of special effects/CGI and blowing things up, and an Alfred that was too young when compared to the film’s Batman.

After all of that complaining, I do have to say that there were some good parts to the movie. Wonder Woman was awesome! I wasn’t expecting to like her as much as I did. Henry Cavill was really good as Superman (again) and Ben Affleck wasn’t horrific as Batman. Also, once the action picked up after the first two hours or so, it didn’t stop.

All in all, if you’re a DC fan, you have to see this movie because of obligations to the franchise, but if you’re just looking for a random movie to watch, don’t expect this to be the next Avengers. The characters are a lot less developed, the plot a little iffy, and the effects really cheesy, but hopefully the future Justice League movies will step up DC’s movie-making game.

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  1. I haven't see this yet but I would agree that Ben Affleck is not my Batman. I do like Henry Cavill as Superman. I haven't seen the movie but he looks like Superman to me if that makes any sense. It is too bad that Lex Luther is cast poorly. Great post!

    Carole @ Carole's Random Life


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