Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Thoughts on the Captain America: Civil War Movie

I watched Captain America: Civil War back when I went to the Fierce Reads St. Louis signing a few weeks ago, but I just now decided to write about it. #lazycollegestudent

Anywho, if you’ve been living under a rock in the bottom of the sea and haven’t yet seen the trailer for CW, here you go: 

Okay, now I’ve got to be brutally honest here. I haven’t really loved Marvel’s movies since Captain America: Winter Soldier. That was a really good movie. Avengers: Age of Ultron was, at first, blah because of certain relationships between characters who have no business being together (I mean, honestly! Black Widow and Hulk?! WTH!). Now, I’ve gone back and re-watched AoU, and I liked it a lot more. But don’t get me started on how terrible Iron Man 3 was. Ick.

Needless to say, I was hoping for better. And I got some better. Civil War is great. I enjoyed all of the characters (minus one I’ll get into later), and I thought the plot was a true testament to what’s going on in our society right now. Way to bring the comic book plot to the real world, Marvel.

Back to the characters though. Steve/Captain America was fantastic, as always, but I did have a problem with his character. It wasn’t that he was bad or anything; it was that he wasn’t in the movie as much as I feel the title Captain America: Civil War should warrant. Iron Man/Tony Stark hogged the screen time. And, while I may be in the miniscule minority in this one, I have grown to loathe Iron Man. Why? Because Marvel sticks him in practically every scene and allows for no real character development for the “side characters,” and instead puts funny Tony Stark in to save the day. Grr… But I could, for the most part, ignore Mr. Stuck-Up Stark.

As for the other characters, I really enjoyed Black Panther and Spider-Man. I didn’t know much about BP before, but I can’t wait to see him in his own movie. I did find it a little odd that BP got his own twist to the fight scene theme music that was jungle/African-based but no other character got his/her own music.

Peter and Ant-Man were hilarious, but as someone mentioned online somewhere, Ant-Man as a character was never introduced to the ex-Avengers. No one ever said his name out loud. Weird… But the female characters had me in so much love. I can’t wait for the Black Widow movie. She seriously deserves her own storyline.

As for the plot of the movie, it had me guessing the entire time, despite how much I thought was given away in the trailers. Yes, you know Team Iron Man is going to take on Team Captain America, but the logistics behind it are a lot more complicated than the trailers share.

All in all, this is a must-watch for any Marvel fan or even any kind-of Marvel fan, and I’m sure if you are a fan, you’ve already watched it. Civil War is funny, action-packed, and has some cool new and almost-new superheroes to add to the growing Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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