Thursday, June 9, 2016

It's Ogle the Bookcases Time: The Last of the Bookshelves

I shared some pictures of what I call Bookcases #1–3 a while ago, and now it’s time to share Bookcases #4 and #5.

In case you missed it, I posted the images as well as a short explanation for why I’m sharing these pics with you so soon after posting my January/February bookshelf tour pics here.

Alrighty then, let’s move on to the good stuff. Oh, and sorry for any blurry pics. I didn’t take a lot of care with my photography this time.


This is the fourth case. This was originally Bookcase #3.5, but I moved it outside of the closet and have decided to update it to Bookcase #4. It’s moving on up in the world. (Btw, I didn’t realize how blurry this image was at the time. I’m terribly sorry.)

On the top shelf I have a huge mess. It basically holds every contemporary book (some that I just consider contemporary) that I have yet to read. Yes, it’s a TBR avalanche waiting to happen.

The shelf below that one holds contemporary books that I HAVE read. Woot! Woot!

This shelf is a continuation of contemporary books I’ve read except these are mostly paperbacks.

The last shelf has Twilight and L.J. Smith books on it. There’s also the Cassandra Clare boxsets for your viewing pleasure.


This is the new addition to the bookcases and the reason why I had to rearrange everything in the first place. And yes, I shoved it in the closet. Mostly because it’s ugly and it wouldn’t fit in the corner with my other taller white bookcase.

I didn’t take shelf-by-shelf pics of this case simply because its dark in my closet and the lighting and angles wouldn’t have been the best. I’ll give you a rundown of what’s on it though.

The top of the case holds some random bigger books, and the shelf after that holds YA and middle grade books that just couldn’t fit on the other shelves. The middle shelf holds my romance MMPs, and the last shelf is more of the I-didn’t-have-space-for-them books along with my signed ARCs. Additionally, there are books in the cabinets of the shelf. They’re middle grade books like Bailey School Kids and Little House on the Prairie.


Okay, so there’s the last of my bookshelves. I hope you enjoyed!

Do you have any pics of your bookshelves up? If so, link them below so I can check them out. I love looking at pretty book collections.


  1. All of my bookshelves are a hot mess. Books in front of books with absolutely no organization. I got rid of a lot of my print books a couple of years ago but the collection is slowly building again. I love how you have yours organized. Thanks for sharing!

    Carole @ Carole's Random Life

    1. I could never get rid of my books, even if I did have the ebook. I tried doing the whole only-buy-the-ebook thing, and it just didn't pan out. I like the pretties. :)


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