Monday, June 20, 2016

TV Shows I'm Currently Watching

While I haven’t caught up on some very important TV shows (*cough* The Flash, Arrow, Gotham, The 100, The Vampire Diaries, Agents of Shield, and The Originals *cough*), I have managed to watch a few other shows.

I’ve made a list of the current television shows I am watching as of this very moment. I’ll list some of the ones I’ve completed or caught up on towards the end of the post. But first, let’s look at the four that I’m devouring now, shall we?

Okay, so who isn’t watching Orange is the New Black right now? Season 4 came out last Friday, and I’m already over halfway done with the episodes. I’m sure some people out there have already finished and now have to wait an entire year for Season 5. Yuck. Unfortunately, that’ll soon be me too.

I’m not sure how I feel about OitNB this season. It’s not as funny as I wanted it to be, but it’s still entertaining. We’ll see how things go…

This show has basically the same question as OitNB attached to it only multiplied by 1,000. Who in their right mind isn’t watching Game of Thrones?! Even my dad watched GoT! My DAD! He doesn’t like all that magic and fantasy stuff, but for some reason, he likes GoT. Whoulda thunk?

I’m so excited about a certain person’s return to the show. I mean, I was 99% sure he was coming back, but you sometimes never know with George R.R. Martin and those evil movie producers. I’m going to watch episode nine, and I hope “Battle of the Bastards” is as epic as the fight scene from last season with the White Walkers.

My third show that I’m currently watching is another popular one here in the world of book blogging—Outlander. I was obsessed with this show back when the first season was out, but I was too busy to start the second season until a few weeks ago. Needless to say, I’ve caught up fast, and I’ll probably be watching the last episode soon.

I haven’t read Diana Gabaldon’s books, but I think the show is following them pretty well. I’m kind of irked by that because I know a certain time jump happens, and I feel like that could have been avoided with a television show. Oh well… It’s not like I’ll stop watching once season 3 comes out.

My last show is one that I started a long time ago and got bored with—Dexter. It’s kind of ridiculous and epically wrong, in a moral way, but I needed something to watch on Netflix, and it was there. I don’t know if I’ll continue watching it for very much longer. I’m on season 5, and I’m really only watching it now for the baby drama. I’m hoping I find another show to immerse myself in pretty soon…


Okay, so those are the shows I’m watching right now. However, I have managed to recently—and by recently I mean within the last few days to last few months—complete or get caught up on some other shows. These include Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Bitten, Young Justice, How to Get Away with Murder, and Supernatural.

Of course, there are still shows I need to start, like Supergirl and The Legends of Tomorrow.

Are there any shows you still need to watch or that you’ve caught up on recently? Or are there any that you are watching now? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Gah, I'm so far behind on TV it isn't even funny! I haven't seen any of GoT, The 100, Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Lost Girl, Grimm, izombie, z nation, The Following, The Blacklist, Agents of Shield, Sanctuary, How to get away with murder, Sleepy Hollow, Bitten, Quantico, Vampire Diaries, Strike Back, Madam Secretary, Homeland, Vikings, The Strain, Teen Wolf, People vs OJ Simpson, The Last Ship and a whole pile more! I'm WAY behind on Hannibal, Elementary, The Walking Dead, Falling Skies, Scandal, Haven, Supernatural....arrgghh! I still haven't finished Lost and 24! I'm too busy reading to catch up!

    1. I'm behind on The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf, and Vikings too. I forgot to mention them. I also need to watch Falling Skies. I've seen a lot of the episodes, but not in order. Scandal, Grimm, Quantico, and American Crime are on my list of shows to watch. I hope I can get to them soon, but being busy reading is just as good as watching a TV show, sometimes. :)


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