Sunday, June 5, 2016

Win All Five Books in The Ceruleans Series in PAPERBACK!

So something very exciting has happened. Megan Tayte, author of the The Ceruleans series, has books that are now released in paperback!

Previously The Ceruleans series was entirely digital, but now you can own the series with some very beautiful revamped covers. Just check out the image below to see what I’m talking about.

In addition to this fantastic news, Megan has been gracious enough to offer a giveaway for us reader folk. She’s offering up all five books in their paperback forms. Check out the Rafflecopter form below to enter.

Before you head to the giveaway though, go ahead and look at the synopsis for the first book in the series, Death Wish.

Death Wish
(Ceruleans #1)
Publication Date: May 17, 2016
Paperback, 310 pages, CreateSpace
Genres: YA, Paranormal


The Ceruleans: mere mortals infused with power over life and death. Five books, one question: If the might of the heavens were in your hands, would you be sinner or saint?

Seventeen-year-old Scarlett Blake is haunted by death. Her estranged sister has made the ultimate dramatic exit. Running away from school, joining a surfing fraternity, partying hard: that sounds like Sienna. But suicide? It makes no sense.

Following in her sister's footsteps, Scarlett comes to an isolated English cove with grand plans to uncover the truth. Alone. But she hasn't reckoned on meeting two boys who are determined to help her. Luke: the blue-eyed surfer who'll see the real Scarlett, who'll challenge her, who'll save her. And Jude: the elusive drifter with a knack for turning up whenever Scarlett's in need.

As Scarlett's quest for the truth unravels, so too does her grip on reality as she's always known it. Because there's something strange going on in this little cove. A dead magpie circles the skies. A dead deer watches from the undergrowth. Hands glow with light. Warmth. Power.

What transpires is a summer of discovery. Of what it means to conquer fear. To fall in love. To choose life. To choose death.

To believe the impossible.

My Thoughts

Sounds like something you need to read, right? I’m super excited about the paperback versions of these books. I know I have a tendency to neglect ebooks, so picking this series up in paperback will make getting to them a lot easier.

What do you think?

The Giveaway

Win all five books in paperback by entering the Rafflecopter form. 

This giveaway is not sponsored by me. Megan Tayte, the author, is the host of the giveaway. 
The Author

Once upon a time a little girl told her grandmother that when she grew up she wanted to be a writer. Or a lollipop lady. Or a fairy princess fireman. ‘Write, Megan,’ her grandmother advised. So that’s what she did.

Thirty-odd years later, Megan is a professional writer and published author by day, and an indie novelist by night. Her fiction – young adult romance with soul – recently earned her the SPR’s Independent Woman Author of the Year award.

Megan grew up in the Royal County, a hop, skip and a (very long) jump from Windsor Castle, but these days she makes her home in Robin Hood's county, Nottinghamshire. She lives with her husband, a proud Scot who occasionally kicks back in a kilt; her son, a budding artist with the soul of a palaeontologist; and her baby daughter, a keen pan-and-spoon drummer who sings in her sleep. When she's not writing, you'll find her walking someplace green, reading by the fire, or creating carnage in the kitchen as she pursues her impossible dream: of baking something edible.

Find Megan on Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, or Google+, or visit her at her website.


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