Monday, February 6, 2017

Fall 2016 Fierce Reads Signing Event Recap

I went to the Fierce Reads St. Louis signing last fall, and I’m just now getting to writing up my experience. Yikes. Can you tell grad school has made me a little behind in life?

I’m going to try to remember as much as I possibly can since then, but it’s been a few months… I also didn’t record any answers to Q&A panels, so sorry about that.

Anywho, I met Kami Garcia, Marissa Meyer, and Caleb Roehrig for the first time at the signing. I also saw Emma Mills and Leigh Bardugo for the second time. That meant I had less books to get signed from them, which was great because I already had to carry a bajillion for Kami and Marissa.

When I first got to the signing, there was already quite a long line. At least, the line was longer than it had ever been in the past when I had gone to signings at that particular location. I figure it was mostly because of Leigh and Marissa.

During the panel portion of the event, all I can distinctly remember is Kami Garcia and Leigh Bardugo’s amazing banter. They had the entire audience of a hundred or so people laughing so hard they were crying. I was not excluded from those other hundred crying people.

I do kind of remember a conversation about Leigh turning off her phone while she writes and Kami asking Leigh what she does when there’s a “Twitter emergency.” It was funny, but you’d probably have to be there to get it.

Once the hilarious panel was over, everyone went up to get their books signed based on their group number. I decided to not get mine personalized at this event because of something my dad said beforehand about books being worth more if they’re not personalized. I realized he was right, especially if I ever got rid of them or if something ever happened to me. Also, now that I’m getting ready to move, it may be necessary for me to get rid of some of my signed books. *sobs* Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, though.

First up in the chaotic signing line was Caleb and Emma’s table. They were both ridiculously nice.

Kami was third, and I had way too many books for her to sign. She also showed me that all of my books by her were first editions! Crazy, right? I never knew the 1–10 numbers on the copyright page showed what print cycle the book was on. Thanks for the new info, Kami!

Marissa was my fourth stop. Unfortunately, at the time Heartless hadn’t been released, or I would have picked up a copy.

Leigh was last, and I only had the one book since I’d gotten the others signed the last time I saw her. I also bumped my leg on the table, which jiggled Marissa’s hand while she was signing someone else’s book. (I don’t think she messed up the other person’s book, but it was embarrassing, nonetheless). Leigh warned me that my leg would bruise, and, of course, she was right.

All in all, it was a fun event. I enjoyed it more because I focused less on recording the experience and more on just living in the moment.

Let me know if you have any questions about the event or the authors!


  1. It looks like you had fun! I should have went :( I have a lot of these books on my kindle and I didn't want to spend a fortune buying paper copies. Hopefully, something like this will be back soonish.

    1. So far there aren't a lot of spring St. Louis signing events. It's very disappointing...


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