Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New York Recap (Day 3)

This is a recap of Day 3 of my NYC trip, so if you haven’t read the Day 1 post or Day 2 post, head over there to get the full gist of the trip.

Day 3 of the trip was more relaxing than Day 1 and 2. We didn’t have any meetings to go to, planes to catch, or long walks to take. Instead, we took a stroll through Central Park. However, our stroll was a just a wee bit painful at times, simply due to how sore we were from our ridiculous journey to the ferry. My sister had bruises on her ankles from her tennis shoes, and my feet were sore from my boots. But Central Park had to happen.

Getting from our hotel to the park wasn’t a long walk, just a couple of blocks. We saw a few cool pieces of scenery along the way, like The Late Show and Simon & Schuster’s office (which is where I went on Day 4, but I’ll get to that later). 


We walked into the park and, if we didn’t look up at the skyline, it basically felt like we were both back home in Missouri. It was pretty warm, but the park wasn’t crowded, so it wasn’t bad to walk around. Although, we did need Google Maps to get around because of the park’s size.

The weird mix of trees and buildings.

Our main goal for the Central Park visit was to see the castle. Unfortunately, the castle is on the complete opposite side of the park from where our hotel was. Guess what that meant? More walking…


The trip to get to the castle was fine, but about halfway through the walk back, I was dead. My feet were so sore.

The carvings were the coolest part! One was in the shape of a book! This one's an owl.

My sister wanted to look around some of the shops on our walk back to the hotel, so I grudgingly followed her into some tourist-type shops. She didn’t end up buying anything though. Ugh.

Before the castle. There is no after the castle pic. We were too tired to do a group pic.

The trip to Central Park took up a majority of our day, so other than shopping a little bit, we didn’t do much else. I mainly got ready for my meeting the next day. Oh, and we immediately got under the covers when we got back to our hotel because our bodies were so very cold. My sister couldn’t get warm. Of course, I laughed at her complaining about how cold her butt was. Hee hee.

That was it for Day 3. It seems like a short one, but all of the photo taking and walking took a good stretch of time.

Stay tuned for Day 4’s recap on Thursday!


  1. I'm so jealous that you've been able to spend so many days in NYC! I've been on a couple day trips, but I still haven't seen even a quarter of what NYC has.

    1. It was definitely fun, but I wish I would have gone during a warmer time of year. Packing so many layers around is exhausting!


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