Thursday, February 23, 2017

New York Trip Recap (Days 4 & 5)

This is a recap of Day 4 and 5 of my NYC trip, so if you haven’t read the Day 1, Day 2, or Day 3 post, head over there to get the full gist of the trip. 

 Day 4 of the trip wasn’t as physically exhausting as Day 2’s adventure was, but it was still a new experience.

 My first stop of the day was a meeting with two editors for Simon & Schuster. This meeting came about as a rather happy coincidence and a phone call I conducted with one of the editors to ask about her job and its various ins and outs. 

Me across the street from S&S. Please ignore the zooming taxi.

Needless to say, for someone who has been wanting to work in the publishing field for years and years, this was an awesome experience. I was able to walk into a major publishing house and talk to real-life editors! 

I won’t go into too much detail with what was talked about in the meetings, but if you want more info, just let me know in the comments. I will say though, that it was definitely a fantastic experience. Both of the ladies were ridiculously nice, and they answered all of the questions I had about editing and publishing. I wish I could have had time to take the whole thing in a little more. It all went by so fast! 
I did manage to snag (and by snag I mean they were given to me) some books from both of the editors. (In case they ever read this, I’d just like to say a major thank you!) It was crazy trying to get these things to fit in my bag on the plane ride back to Chicago. 

Books gifted to me by the S&S editors. (Thanks again!)

After Simon & Schuster, my sister and I finally explored Times Square. We did all of the touristy things that we could think of at the time. 

Me conquering Times Square.
There was the TKTS red steps, a comic book store, the M&M store, the Hershey’s store, the Disney store, and various NYC tourist stores. (There were a lot of stores visited on Day 4.) 

Red steps! These things always remind me of the second Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movie.

 My sister ended up buying some souvenirs for my parents, her husband, and my younger sister. I got my younger sister something for her birthday, but I didn’t get anyone else anything. #brokecollegekid 
Walking around Times Square wasn’t terrible, but our feet were still tired from Days 2 and 3. However, we decided to forego stopping at our hotel and instead we made the short walk over to Rockefeller Center. 

I have pictures of me with the tree, but they're vertically aligned and I don't feel like editing them right now.

Thankfully, we were there at just the right time to be able to see the giant Christmas tree. It was scheduled to be taken down either the next day or the day after that. My sister was so excited because the Home Alone theme song was playing as she walked up. Apparently, that was her favorite part of the trip. 

Once we saw the tree, it was time for food. My sister had been hankering for a New York-style slice of ‘za, so we ended up going to Little Italy for our last true NYC meal. She got some sort of spinach thing, and I ended up getting plain ol’ cheese. Unfortunately, she neglected to tell me that all of the reviews of Little Italy claim the cheese pizza isn’t as good as their other stuff. *sigh* 

My sister's Little Italy box. Mine looked exactly the same.

Alright, that was Day 4. Now, onto the chaos of Day 5. 

 Day 5 was the flight back to Chicago. We got up early, took the wrong cab, and sat in a freezing cold terminal. Oh, and my sister got pat down by the TSA this time (Haha!). 

It was snowing pretty heavily by the time our plane was scheduled to take off, and the attendants were all joking around about the flight being delayed/cancelled. We passengers didn’t find their humor all that funny. 

You can kind of make out the plane's wing. Kind of. Stupid snow.
While we did get on the plane, it took us forever to take off as the crew had to spray orange and green gunk all over the outside of the thing before takeoff. Oh, and someone around us smelled very badly of BO. Ugh. In the end, our plane landed almost two hours later than scheduled. 

 All in all, it was a great trip with some minor bumps along the way. Now that I know how the whole flying thing works, I plan on doing it a lot more. I also really want to work in New York, so I’ve got to fly back there at some point. 

Well, that’s it for my NYC trip. Thanks for reading all about my adventures!

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