Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Major Authors That I Have Yet To Read

As almost all of us are loathe to admit, we cannot read every single book by every single author. I know it’s a painful concept, but, sadly, it happens. Basically, that just means we’ve got to work a little bit harder to get to our next great read.

To show how behind I am in my reading, I’ve decided to share a list of authors I haven’t read yet. Maybe, just maybe, doing this will give me the kick in the butt I need to finally read their stuff.

Also, a majority of these will be fantasy authors. I’m on a fantasy kick right now.


This one shames me on such a deep level. I’ve become so obsessed with fantasy since Game of Thrones came out, but I have yet to read one of the most popular fantasy writers of this age. #Shame

Another #Shame because I actually own his Mistborn trilogy. I just haven’t read it yet. (My TBR pile is more like a TBR mountain.)

Okay, so this admission of guilt doesn’t hurt me quite as much as the Brandon Sanderson one. Why? Because Sabaa only has one series out. I’m kind of waiting until all four of the books in her An Ember in the Ashses series are published before I start gobbling this fantasy series up.

Oh, I also own the first two books in this series, but the covers were redesigned. I like the new design, but I’m waiting until all of the books are out to purchase them, simply so they match.

So this is the most shameful, epic-ness of shameful. I haven’t read any of the LOTR books. Not even The Hobbit. I want to be like one of those non-reader people who just shrug and say, “I’ve watched the movies.” But that is no excuse. I’m a monster. I should be locked away for not reading such a pivotal series.

Oh, and once again, I own all the books. #MoreShame

I’m not as ashamed for not having read Stephen’s books. His genre of writing just isn’t really my thing. I actually might have read one book of his loooooong ago, but it wasn’t one of the more popular ones. I do want to read his Under the Dome book, though, just so I can watch the TV show.

Like with Stephen, I’ve read only one book by Neil. It was Stardust, and it was soooo long ago. I was in high school. It was back when the movie came out. The reason he’s on this list, though, is because of the new American Gods and Norse Mythology books. The TV show for American Gods looks really good.


Well, there you have it. So many mega important authors, and I haven’t read their books yet. Or, at least, I haven’t read their biggest books yet. What authors do you still need to read? Let me know in the comments.


  1. I haven't really read too much from these authors either. I read the Reckoners series and the Legion series by Sanderson and loved both haven't started anything else. I read the Hobbit and didn't really enjoy it much so I am not too eager to pick up more Tolkien. I have read just one or two King and Gaiman books so I have a lot of work to do.


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