Sunday, September 10, 2017

Fall 2017 Shows I Plan to Watch

Whelp, it’s almost time for the fall television shows to come back on.

I’ve got a list of shows that I’m planning on watching, so I thought I’d share 'em with you.

1. Supernatural

I feel like this one’s a given. I mean, I do Dean Winchester Friday posts. I’ve watched Supernatural since its first season, and I’m not going to stop in its 13th. Dean Winchester is bae. 

Season 13 starts Thursday, October 12.

2. Supergirl

Season two of Supergirl was good, and I want more Karamel (Kara + Mon-El). Plus, season two left off on a kind of cliffhanger, so I need answers. 

Season three premieres Monday, October 9.

3. The Flash

Another CW superhero show that left on a cliffhanger. Season four is coming up, and I’m interested to see where it’s going to go. Hopefully, Barry Allen gets faster and less dramatic. 

Season four premieres Tuesday, October 10.

4. Stranger Things

I wasn’t as obsessed with Stranger Things as some people, but I still found it entertaining. I watched the first season in a week, so I expect season two will take even less time. #thankyouNetflix

Season two premieres Friday, October 22.

5. Fuller House

Yes, this spinoff series has a lot of flaws, but I’m still interested to see where the Tanner kids’ storyline goes. 

Season three airs Friday, September 22.

6. How to Get Away with Murder

I don’t know how I feel about seasons two and three of HtGAwM. Season one was awesome. Season two and three, not so much. I’m gonna keep watching, though, because I love me some Connor and Oliver. 

Season four airs Thursday, September 28.


Those are the shows I plan on watching in fall of 2017, what are some that you’re excited for?

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  1. I watched a couple of episodes of Stranger Things and need to get caught up with it. I hope you enjoy these.


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