Tuesday, October 3, 2017

My Favorite Bookish Décor Items

Alright, ya’ll, it’s time to talk about bookish décor.

We all know that we secretly love our nerdy collectibles. I know I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter Funkos and Game of Thrones action figures. But something I wish I had more of are the many items people get to decorate their houses.

Basically, I want my entire apartment to be a giant nerd/geek fest.

For kicks and giggles, I thought I’d share a few of the bookish décor items that I love. This post was inspired by Havenly, the interior design and decorating service.

Oh, and a quick note: You can find a majority of these items and more on my Bookish Décor Pinterest board.


Okay, so one of the more recent bookish décor items that I’ve been wanting are the Hogwarts coasters I saw in a book subscription box. I believe it was Uppercase.

I have my own Hogwarts coaster (one, singular coaster) that I made using bathroom tiles and Mod Podge, but these things look way cooler.

And look at these Game of Thrones ones! Me wants!

I use the coasters I have constantly, so having more would be awesome!


The next bookish décor item on my wish list is a set of bookends. 

While most of my shelves are too packed to really need bookends, I’ve always wanted some. And, if I had a set as cool as these, I could die a happy bookworm.

Okay, so I’m pretty much a sucker for any type of décor that involves Game of Thrones. While these aren’t explicitly Game of Thrones bookends, they are dragon eggs, and I feel like there’s a certain set of dragon eggs that are very similar to these on the show…


And, of course, no room would be complete without book-related throw pillows!
I love ones that have quotes on them, book-related images, or even just fun sayings about reading.

Also, if you remember, I did a DIY project with a friend two years ago to create my own Harry Potter throw pillows

I wish I had the free time to do stuff like that now. I would love to go crazy and DIY my room so it’s a bookish mess!


Last but certainly not least, I don’t think any bookish décor list would be complete without this next item:

Yep, that’s right. I want a book ladder. Honestly, I really just want to be Belle and sing and swing throughout a room-full of books. It would be marvelous. Let’s be honest, though, I’d also just love a wall of bookshelves.


Alright, there you have it. Those are some bookish décor items that I’m stowing away for when I have my own house that I can decorate as I please. It’ll look like a bunch of geeks threw up all over!

What bookish décor is on your must-have list?


  1. The bookends and the pillow are both pretty cool items. We don't really have anything like this in my house...just a lot of books everywhere :)


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