Thursday, October 19, 2017

Review: Calamity by Brandon Sanderson

(The Reckoners #3)
Publication Date: February 16, 2016
Hardcover, 417 pages, Delacorte Press
Genres: YA, Sci-Fi

When Calamity lit up the sky, the Epics were born. David’s fate has been tied to their villainy ever since that historic night. Steelheart killed his father. Firefight stole his heart. And now Regalia has turned his closest ally into a dangerous enemy.

David knew Prof’s secret, and kept it even when the Reckoners’ leader struggled to control the effects of his Epic powers. But facing Obliteration in Babilar was too much. Prof has now embraced his Epic destiny. He’s disappeared into those murky shadows of menace Epics are infamous for the world over, and everyone knows there’s no turning back. . . .

But everyone is wrong. Redemption is possible for Epics—Megan proved it. They’re not lost. Not completely. And David is just about crazy enough to face down the most powerful High Epic of all to get his friend back. Or die trying.

My Review

Holy superpowers, Batman! I finally finished The Reckoners trilogy!

The third and final book in Brandon Sanderson’s series about superpowered bad guys is a fun, quick-paced end that’s great for any Marvel or DC fan.

Book three starts off a few weeks/months (it’s not entirely clear) after book two ends, and it starts in the thick of an action-packed scene. One thing Sanderson is good at is adding action into his plots. However, I think he sacrificed action for plot in the case of this last book. The ending was just a tad bit… weird and rushed. The world-building is still on point, though.

As for the characters of the series, there wasn’t a whole lot of growth or development. David was mostly the same, just a little more frantic. He was keeping some secrets, though; I just don’t think those secrets really meant much in the grand scheme of the story. I was expecting him to have this big BAM! moment, but he never did. David’s love interest, Megan, gets very little development, but I did feel like she become more interesting in this book.

All in all, Calamity is a good ending to a good series. If you’re addicted to comic books and science fiction, this trilogy may just be for you.

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