Thursday, November 16, 2017

My Thoughts on Thor: Ragnarok

I thought I’d share my thoughts and feels about Thor: Ragnarok. In case you haven’t seen it and/or for some reason know nothing about it, I’ve posted the trailer below:

First off, I was wary going into this movie. The comedic aspect of it freaked me out a little. Honestly, I loved the serious aspect of the first two Thor movies, so having this third movie look so much like Guardians of the Galaxy was weird. I’ve got to admit, though, I liked the overall film. Yes, there were too many jokes, but I laughed at most of them.

Thor was different in this film. He was a little too joke-y. He also knew references that didn’t seem possible for him to know as a Norse god, like the whole “He’s a friend from work,” line. I also thought Hulk talking was too much. He seemed almost too smart. He went from can’t-talk-at-all to talking in almost complete sentences.

While the jokes were many, the CGI was really good. Hella’s outfits were on point, and Valkyrie was really kicka$$. I was super excited to see two strong female characters being awesome, even as not-so-good people.

The plot of the movie was also super fun. The scenes where Thor and Hulk fight were freakin’ awesome! I used to love Thor, but after watching Thor: Ragnarok, I LOVE Thor. His powers are amazing.

All in all, I’m super excited to see Thor in Avengers: Infinity War. Also, if you were wary like I was about seeing this movie, don’t be. It’s definitely a fun time that has a strong storyline, which I think should contribute greatly to Marvel’s overall world. Warning, though, there are some more adult phrases mentioned (i.e. the word orgies is thrown out there).

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