Thursday, March 22, 2018

My Thoughts on The 100 Season Five Trailer

I thought I’d share my thoughts and feels about The 100 season five trailer. In case you haven’t seen it, I’ve posted it below. Please don’t watch it if you haven’t seen the previous seasons. There are lots of spoilers in the video.

First off, I’m wary about the time jump. I don’t like it when TV shows jump five or six years into the future. It just throws off the timeline of the story. There’s also a loss of some of the tension that was carried over from previous seasons. And, on the note of the time jump, I don’t think I like how Clarke has an adopted daughter in this season. It just feels off to me.

Now, moving past the time jump, I’m also a little sad that we’re seeing the dynamics of previous seasons being reversed here. The Skaikru have been merged with Trikru, but now a new set of space outsiders have come to take over, exactly like Skaikru originally set out to do. I just feel that this plotline is too similar to what’s already been done. Thus, it makes the storyline for the season seem dull.

However, I don’t want to pass too many judgments. There have been seasons the of The 100 that I’ve thought would mega suck, but they didn’t. Season two and three’s arcs had me very disappointed at first, but once I was watching, I was hooked. I’m hoping that’s how this season plays out as well.

As for the characters, I’m glad we get to see some new faces. It increases the pressure. I’m also super happy to see Octavia still kicking butt. Whoop! Whoop! I seriously hope she and Bellamy work out their squabbling. I just want them to be a family again, gosh darnit!

All in all, this was a super long trailer, and it showed some exciting scenes. However, I’m conserving any verdicts until I’ve watched the first episode of the season.

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