Sunday, March 25, 2018

My Thoughts on the New Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

I thought I’d share my thoughts and feels about the new Avengers: Infinity War trailer. In case you haven’t seen it, I’ve posted it below. 

Ermygawd. I can’t take the wait for this movie any freakin’ longer! I mean, I’m super glad they decided to move the film’s release date up to April 27, but GAH! This trailer has me way too hyped.

We got some Thanos and Gamora flashbacks, which have me super curious as to where Nebula is in all of this. We got some of Thanos’s lackeys doing bad things, especially that one dude to Doctor Strange. And, we even got Peter Quill + Tony Stark banter.

Everything about this trailer was great, but, my favorite part was Thor. Not the part where his head is about to be squished (Side note: I don’t actually think his head is going to be squished as that scene looks like it will take place in the beginning of the movie). No, my favorite part is him making lightning while sweet teenage Groot and Rocket watch. I’ve been completely fangirling over the theory that Thor will get a new weapon in this film. I need it to be true. I also can’t wait to see Peter Dinklage help Thor make his new hammer/ax thing.

Okay, I’ve rambled on about Thor for a while now, so I want to mention some more awesome scenes. Cap trying to hold Thanos’s hand back was pretty awesome. I don’t think it’ll work out very well for Cap, but it’s a cool scene. Starloard/Peter Quill using Strange’s magic as stepping stones in the air is very cool. And the battle scenes are so crazy!

I think the DCEU should really take note here. This is what a team-up superhero movie should feel like. It shouldn’t be rushed. The characters have had time to come into their own, and now, they need to learn to work as a team. It’s going to be epic watching them all come together to take on Thanos. I’m so ready for it.


  1. I get the chills when I see this trailer. I still have to see dr strange and ragarnork. I think I may have a marathon. It’s a lot of movies to watch.

    1. I want to have a marathon. I just don't own all of the movies. I think a few of them are on Prime and Netflix, though. I should try to watch those at least.


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