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Hi good people of the internet! My name is Rachelle, or Shell, or Shelley—just whatever you want to call me.

I created this book blog so I could share how much I liked a book, if I hated a book, or if a book was “meh.” 

I’m a Professional Writing student at the good ol’ M.S. of U. in Missouri and I have dreams and aspirations towards forever working in the world of books. A.k.a., I want to be an editor. Copyeditor, regular editor, as long as it’s got the word “edit” in it, I will probably be willing to do it.

Another pic of me. Because, why not?
Reading is pretty much my life (I would say that’s sad, except, well… it isn’t). Sometimes I actually manage to do things that aren’t book-related like watch movies (Yay for Netflix!), go to sporting events, hang with my amigos, or pretend that I can write a book and map out every last detail in my head only to forget half of what I came up with two weeks later.

I’m obsessed with the TV show Supernatural (actually, I’m obsessed with Jensen Ackles). I probably eat way too much chocolate and cheese (not together because eww…). And I don't like staying up after 1 a.m. 

So I’ve talked about myself a lot. Is there anything you want to tell me about? Favorite book(s), life obsessions, Jensen Ackles? Just shoot me a message through any of the methods listed below.

Now it’s time for me to get back to reading.

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