Review Policy

Before making a review request, please understand that I will only respond to your email if I am interested in reviewing your book. I'm behind on reviews, so it's unlikely I will respond.

If you have requested a review from me, I promise I am working on it. Thank you for understanding.

**Also, I recently moved, so my address has changed. If you have sent me physical review copies before and would like to continue to do so, please email me so I can give you my new address. Thanks.**

I accept ARCs and finished book copies for review. I have decided that I will not accept ebook copies anymore. Why? Because I accept them, start to read them, and then forget about them. Then, I feel bad. I'm sorry if you only have an ebook copy, but I want to make sure you get a review out of me, and that won't happen if you send me an ebook/electronic version.

If the book's description does not interest me, I more than likely will not email you back. I also will not pay for books that authors/publishers request for me to review.

I mostly read YA and New Adult books, preferably paranormal, sci-fi, contemporary, LGBTQ, or fantasy; I do read some adult books.

I will try to review a book within a few weeks; however it may take 2-3 months depending on my schedule. If I am sent a book and I have not posted a review within this time frame, it may not have been of interest to me (I will try to push through). If I cannot finish a physical review book, I will either send it to another reviewer or have a giveaway for interested readers. I will never sell Advanced Reader Copies on this blog or anywhere else. If you have a specific date you wish my review to go up, please send the book at least two months in advance. I normally add my reviews to Goodreads and Amazon in addition to this blog page (and NetGalley if the copy is from there).

Thank you for visiting Shell's Stories and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me at (Note: I do not check this email as often as I should; however, blogging is my hobby, not my career. It may be a few days before you hear back from me.)

***I maintain this blog by myself and all information provided is my opinion. I do not receive any payment for review posts.***